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Frequently Asked Questions

What preparations are Mountain Baggage doing to address COVID-19 concerns during the 2021 summer camp season?
As we continue to monitor the pandemic situation, we will update this section as new guidelines become available. Due to evolving nature of the pandemic, we remains committed to the safety of our camp families, camps, and employees. We are implementing procedures and guidelines above and beyond those put forth by the CDC, including but not limited to:

  • Nightly disinfecting of truck cabs and storage compartments.
  • Contactless pickup and delivery.
  • Sanitation of baggage surfaces.

Will I receive reservation confirmation?
Yes. If we receive your reservation form and payment by Wednesday, May 15th, 2020, we will send you labels to tag your baggage by the 15th of June.

What about baggage labels?
Please remove all tags from previous uses and mark your bags clearly with the campers name and camp. We will send labels to you to affix to your bags. Any baggage that does not have one of our labels will be charged a special handling fee of $30.

What if I have multiple children attending camp?
A 10% discount will be offered to campers in the same household attending the same sessions. Baggage registration forms must be completed for each camper. The discount is taken from the total of all campers and must be taken at the time of registration; there will be no refunds. Families with 3 or more campers may take a 15% discount from the total due.

What about sleeping bags?
To avoid additional charges, place sleeping bags inside a trunk or duffel that is already being shipped. Sleeping bags that are tied to another bag or are shipped separately will be charged as an additional bag.

What about oversized items such as hockey sticks?
Please call to request this service. There is no fee for one hockey stick. It must be properly tagged. If we do not hear from you prior to pick up, we reserve the right to refuse service of these items.

What size baggage can we send?
All camp trunk, duffel bags and other "luggage", within reason, are acceptable. Bags in excess of 80 pounds will incur a $40 charge. Bags longer than 54 inchses will be charged $40.00 additional

Do we need to call Mountain Baggage to increase the number of bags we are shipping?
Yes. To avoid special handling fees please call in advance to arrange for additional labels

What if my camper's session changes?
Notify Mountain Baggage as soon as possible. We will try to accommodate your needs.

What do we do if we are not home on the scheduled date of pickup and we cannot leave our baggage outside or in an unlocked garage?
Call our office and let us know where the baggage will be. Below are some suggestions for alternate locations:

          Your neighbor's home
          Locked garage (call us with entry combination)
          Leave bags with other campers in your area
          A local business in your area

What if I am unexpectedly not home on the day of pick up?
If it is a last minute decision, and the baggage is not in an obvious location, please leave a note on your front door with the new location to alert our crew.

Last year my bags were picked up in the morning. Can I assume that it will be the same this year?
Baggage pick up routes change each year. Please do not plan on pick up based on prior years.

Do we need to lock our bags?
Bags go directly from our trucks to camp. Locking is not necessary. If you do lock your baggage, make sure you follow camp's instructions regarding keys.

What if it is raining on the day of pickup?
We ask that you use good judgment in regard to where and how you leave the baggage. If the baggage is not in clear view, please leave a note letting us know exactly where it is stored.

When will the baggage arrive at camp?
The baggage will be delivered to camp during Counselor Orientation.

Is it appropriate to tip Mountain Baggage Drivers?
Yes, tipping is greatly appreciated.

Can you give an exact pick up/drop off date and time?
Unfortunately, not. Due to the many variables we encounter we cannot guarantee dates and times.

What if we need to make changes to the pick up or drop off address?
Please email or call our office as far in advance as possible to notify us of the change.

We have had a change of plans and do not plan to use your services. What is your refund policy?
We must be notified 5 days in advance for a refund. Should we arrive at your door or at camp and we were not notified at least 5 days in advance, there will be no refund.

How do I reach Mountain Baggage?
121 Sumter Rock Road
Lords Valley, PA 18428
phone: 570-775-0556
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it